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Introduction to Industrial Engineering and Biography

Industrial Engineering is a relatively new field of engineering.  Although degrees in civil, mechanical, electrical, mining, and metallurgy were offered as early as 1909 in Halifax, the Department of Industrial Engineering wasn’t created until 1965 at the Nova Scotia Technical College which is now part of Dalhousie University.  The field was created to provide support for better management decisions within any industry.  It can range from designing a production facility to an inventory or quality system, an analyses of labour requirements, proposing the machine with the best return on investment or the design of a hospital ward.

Barry Zwicker, P.Eng. is a graduate from this Department and has held the following positions:

Industrial Engineer in the Department of Industrial Engineering at Canadian Ingersol Rand, Sherbrooke, Quebec, manufacturer of pulp and paper machinery, air compressors, pumps, and drum compactors, 

Manager of Engineering at the Volvo Canada assembly plant in Halifax, N.S., manufacturer of automotives. Projects included creation of the Zwicker Engineering Rulernew Volvo plant in Bayers Lake Industrial Park.
Material Manager at Devtek Applied Electronics in Dartmouth, N.S., manufacturer of marine tracking devices. Projects included evaluation, selection, and acquisition of a full ERP system.

Seventeen years in consulting engineering as Zwicker Engineering mostly designing 26 residential subdivisions as well as designing and implementation of manufacturing systems such as fabrication shops and an assembly line for A.C. Dispensing Equipment Inc. of Sackville, N.S., manufacturer of the internationally famous SureShot® Dispensing systems used in take-outs such as Tim Hortons, MacDonalds, Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks, etc.


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